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7 week course

We are offering places on the case study course, this is for 7 weeks and covers the first half of the course. A condition of being on this programme is that students will need to keep a diary of their journey and produce a video review at the end of the course.


£71.42 p/w

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14 week course

The cost of the full course for 14 weeks is £1400, this work out as £100 per week. There are a range of payment plans on offer. We would love to discuss this with you. There is a £200 discount available to the first five applicants.


£100 p/w

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If you're interested in private tuition for your child but unsure what your child needs, please click below to book an enquiry call with us. We can discuss your child's strengths and weaknesses and offer advice on the correct path to take.

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How do I apply/purchase the course?

Before you purchase the course we would like to hear from you and understand your child's situation. Please click the 'Book a call' button on your chosen package.

Alternatively you can click the 'Apply now' button which takes you through an automated sequence to determine whether the course will suit your needs.