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Updated: Mar 13

How tier three restrictions will affect schools in Greater Manchester

Great Manchester is currently on high alert level or tier two as cases of Coronavirus infection continue to surge. The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick is likely to advise the PM to impose a top tier of rules which would include additional restrictions on households mixing. Households in Great Manchester will be prohibited from mixing with other households in homes or any kind of indoor set ups. South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, north-east England and Teesside are also moving to tier three, or very high alert.

Stricter restrictions will be bad for schools. Pressure is mounting on teachers with regards to balancing teaching, managing their students and protecting their own families from coronavirus. This pressure will increase if stricter restrictions are put in place to slow down the surging rate of infections.

It is perhaps out of this reason that that Greater Manchester's Labour Mayor Andy Burnham wants the government to reintroduce the 80% furlough scheme used during the UK's first lockdown, instead of the new Job Support Scheme which covers 67% of the wages of people affected by tier three closures.

"We had been encouraged by earlier discussions at an official level where the idea of a hardship fund, to top up furlough payments and support the self-employed, had been tabled by the government,’’ Mr Burnham said on October 19th.

The number of infections is expected to increase according to PM Johnson’s official spokesperson, patients could take up the entire current intensive care capacity in Greater Manchester by 8 November, not including the extra capacity in Nightingale hospitals. Winter is approaching and the virus is on an offensive. On Monday official figures showed the UK recorded a further 18,804 coronavirus cases and 80 deaths.

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