Is online tuition actually better? | The truth about online tuition

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The goal of any tuition should be to allow students achieve their highest potential and to create a positive learning environment where they are motivated to do their best.

Do you have some reluctance to signing up for online tutoring sessions? If you are used to face-to-face teaching then the online option may seem inappropriate. Or it just may be something you have never considered. Perhaps you are unsure whether online lessons can provide the quality of education that you associate with face-to-face teaching?

Tuition in 2020/21

Due to the current situation, some universities are relying on remote learning as a large number of students have been told to self-isolate. The reality is that face-to-face learning has been the tradition way of education for centuries, while online tuition has become increasingly popular, particularly in the last six months. The pandemic has fast forwarded education, perhaps by 10 years? The sooner you get comfortable with online sessions, the better it will be for both parents and students, as online education is here to stay.

Change is inevitable especially during these daunting times, and we must teach ourselves how to adapt. Resisting change will only make the journey harder and longer.

Online communication is now part of life, events such as work meetings, seminars, training are all conveniently now scheduled online. Working remotely/working from home has become the norm.

Are you preparing your child for success in the online world? Or do you see them working face-to -face and hopping on a train to work despite their future employer providing the opportunity for them to work remotely?

The current situation has forced school to play catch up. Almost a third last year’s learning was lost during the lockdown. If your child was already behind before the pandemic, the situation has just got worse.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” - Albert Einstein.

The benefits of online tuition

Why is online tuition a viable alternative to face-to-face teaching?

  • There’s no travel time to and from a tuition centre.

  • The tutor, who is not part of your household, will not be carrying out home visits.

  • Students can learn from the comfort of their home.

  • Many students enjoy being in front of a screen for a fixed period of time.

  • You no longer have to act as a chauffeur trying to get them to sessions, saving you time.

  • With winter approaching, dark nights and concerns about safety are no longer issues.

  • Late evening due to traffic problems are eliminated.

Face-to-face learning will also be part of the education process, however, online tuition is now part of the conversation. Students will need to be able to flourish with both methods.

Now may be the time to start adopting the new leveraged model (online tutoring) so you can;

  • Get used to the process and start to feel comfortable while removing the notion that face-to-face learning is the only model for success

  • Start to catch up with missed work and make progress on your learning

  • Receive extra support without leaving your dining table!

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Written by Christopher Labinjo for the Up2Science GCSE programme Website - Email - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

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