Education In Crisis

We are in a crisis; the government must carefully evaluate their options Every country across the globe is currently burdened with the heavy repercussions of Covid-19.

Our economies are almost grinding to a halt, we have been financially hit; it is almost 100 years since the Spanish Flu.


Education has been the key driver of every society. The UK is not an exception and our future leaders are currently going through the secondary education system. Before the corona virus pandemic hit, we were grappling with a number of issues in education. Some of them being policy related as well as on how much the government is willing to spend on each student.

Secondary education in the UK is a very critical phase in any child’s growth. What impact will Brexit have on the education system and the recruitment of teachers? How is the government responding to increase student population in our schools? In response, the government must carefully evaluate how it will impact the recruitment of teachers as well as the stretched resources in secondary schools. Are they planning any future budget cuts and what will it mean for teachers and students?

Last week, the number of schools in England affected by Covid-19 cases among students and staff quadrupled in the space of seven days, and the number of absent pupils rose by 50%; this is according to estimates released by the Department for Education. Just in a week, over eight hundred schools across the country were affected. How?

Many parents and teachers were not able to get the much-needed corona virus test kits. This forced those who had mild symptoms to keep be kept away from school and self-isolate, or risk infecting others. Data from the Department for Education shows this not only affected state schools but also independent ones, in equal measure.

It is safe to say our education system is currently in turmoil. What is the national leadership

doing to come to country’s rescue? Maybe it is time the DfE stopped making unilateral decisions and invited all the stakeholders to the table, for a candid talk on the future of our children. We are in a crisis, just like rest of the world, and in times of a crisis, great leaders show leadership by ensuring they are as consultative as possible. This should be the ideal route to be followed if there are any policy changes needed to be made.

Written by Christopher Labinjo for the Up2Science GCSE programme Website - Email - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

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