Career options for teenagers: A quick guide

Updated: Mar 13

Most adults had that one career they were either told to pursue or one which they always wanted to do - a dream job. This does not happen for everyone. Some people end up in careers they have not interest in, necessity dictating that they remain in their position. Do you want to know how best to pick a career that suits you? Here are some quick tips:

  • Your values: You should start looking at jobs which will not only respect what you stand for but that fits perfectly into your personal values. What does a fulfilling career look like to you?

  • Your interests: What do you do during your free time when not at school? Do you enjoy playing specific sports or have a hobby that you enjoy? Your personal interests are very important in choosing a career.

  • Your skills: Do you have a talent? What are you good at doing? This can be writing, singing or any other thing you are good at.

These three tips summarise what you may need as a teenager to make the best career choice. You do not have to go into a job without knowing if you will be able to give your full commitment to it.

Written by Christopher Labinjo for the Up2Science GCSE programme Website - Email - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

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