about CHRIS


I know how to help students to achieve top
grades. I have a track record for doing this:
some of my former students playing significant roles in science all over the world. Especially those who did not initially like science yet ended up studying the subject to A-level and beyond; that speaks of transformation. I carry a sense satisfaction, knowing that I have helped students reach their potential and then watch them change the world.

My last GCSE Science Biology group in August 2017, a set of 24 students, did me proud; achieving 18A*s and 6As grades. Eight of those students achieved B grades in their previous mock exam; I gave them specific tasks to do, identified their weaknesses, and gave them extra tasks to do. I then followed up relentlessly on this additional work; it was not optional! 

Each student is a potential world changer. I start with this idea and then seek to discover the treasure that is hidden from view. This is an exciting way to live life; it opens up endless creativity and stirs curiosity.




If you will join forces with me over the next 14 weeks, we are going to change your life. This will be a fun-filled roller coaster where you will discover things about yourself you did not know, the mystery of science will be unravelled and you are going to find that this subject is amazing!  You will be changed, transformed and gain the grades that you need to open doors of opportunity in GCSE science. 
Are you ready for the ride?



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When I left full-time teaching in 2017, I still felt that I had a contribution to make to education. After thirty years in the profession, I had learned so much about learning and students. I wanted to find a way of passing on my wisdom and experience to future generations. Initially I started tutoring which was wonderful but meant I could only work with a limited number of students. My goal was to impact a wider audience of potential scientists who would not only be passionate about their respective fields but also be inspirational leaders.

The outbreak of the coronavirus put an end to my face-to-face tutoring and so I started working online. This is when the idea of an Online GCSE Science Course for scientists was birthed; the Up2science is the outcome.

I wanted to teach knowledge but also take students on a journey of personal development so I created the MSP© learning system that incorporates developing a positive mindset, effective study skills and steps in personal development. These cords of success woven together create a winning combination that not only improves grades but leads to a greater sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.